With an excellent and proven track record. Defining Sports has a rich experience of around 20 years. Our objective is to ensure that the value of our family of athletes and legends are maximized through a concerted and well-planned sports marketing and community relations movement. We have secured lucrative endorsements and activation opportunities with hundreds of brands, locking in over $30 Million in deals for our clients.


Promoting individual players and/or their events through credible and notable media channels — including broadcast, print, radio, and online media outlets. Our Public Relations team has solid relationships with editors, producers, reporters, writers and anchors at mass media outlets such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, The Players Tribune, Bleacher Report and many more.


From the court to the concrete, helping each of our clients take on a leadership role and use their influential powers to make a difference in the lives and communities in which they impact the most. Oftentimes, the power of sport but most importantly, the athlete, has the potential to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for people across the world. Sports have the ability to impact generations of fans and influence the youth of our society.


With a crisis comes chaos and confusion. Social Media goes into a frenzy and aggressive journalists launch assaults. Your executive partners threaten to pull sponsorship and league authorities demand immediate action. Your circle rapidly fractures as friends and teammates vanish, concerned for their own survival. Athletes that don’t invest in crisis communications and reputation management are exposed to the dangers of both a crisis and trail of harm it leaves behind.


We believe our athletes have some of the most recognizable names and faces in the world which makes them great advocates. We learn and understand how to align them with corporations to endorse their products and/or services. We refuse to just throw opportunities to muffle our clients but we strive to provide opportunities that they can not just believe in but invest in.


Some athletes are known for using their salaries and endorsement deals to furnish lavish lifestyles — sometimes to the point of going broke. At Defining Sports, we set a standard for our athletes. Give back by reaching for their own checkbooks to donate to charities, fund disaster-relief efforts, sponsor scholarships and bolster their hometowns and alma maters.


The greatest athletes use their perseverance, work ethic, and pristine focus to enamor the world on the field. However, as some athletes retire, they often drop out of the mind of sports fans and become a distant memory. Luckily for athletes, the lessons learned in sports can be used as a foundation throughout life. While still competing at a high level in professional sports, our athletes will not be waiting for retirement to become an entrepreneur.


We believe that by building deep and lasting relationships with you and your family, together we can identify opportunities to help you enjoy more and worry less. Whether it is for you or your significant other, we provide a single point of contact to meet your needs. Travel and Vacation, Relocation, Reservations, Night Club VIP, Gifts, Clothing and Grocery Shopping, We understand that your time is better served focusing on your career and your family, so we are here to help take care of the rest.


A legend is someone who leaves behind an unforgettable impression on others. They touch lives, they're remembered, they're cherished. It's not the impact they had on the game, amount of points they score or championships won. Becoming one means finding your particular role, your calling, following it, and touching others around you. We ensure that your legacy will be immortalized in your target markets, so that you will be remembered for generations to come. Jersey Retirement, Court, Field, Park, Street Renaming.